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common autoresponder mistakes

Setting up an autoresponder for your emails for when you are away is relatively well documented but there are some additional things you need to do to ensure it works as you plan, otherwise you can get caught out. 1. The autoresponder loop If you setup an autoresponder to simply reply to any incoming email

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auto-responder – the saga continues!

Aggrr.. I set up my autoresponder as per previous posts, everything worked a charm until… my email client decided to start downloading all previously downloaded emails – it didn’t actually get that far as two days later it was still calculating the size of the download. Either way, I had two days worth of emails

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auto-responder update

This is the first time I’ve had to set my auto-responder since last time, the biggest problem I see is how not to get stuck in the auto-responder loop. I’ve been through the emails I get and have a more comprehensive list of generic emails not to reply to: no-reply noreply do-not-reply my own domain

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