Colombia tourism have released a prediction of possible ‘hotspots’ for responsible tourism in the coming year, with Colombia mentioned as one possibility: What’s in store for 2008…? –’s blog.

I spent four years in Colombia and had an absolutely fantastic time. One of the really nice things about the country was that there were virtually no tourists. I recall doing a two-week driving break and not hearing a foreign voice once in the entire time. Colombia was unique in South America in this respect with a well beaten tourism path in every other country we visited.

This was not without good reason however: Colombia was perceived as dangerous and while we did not experience any problems personally we know A LOT of people that had bad experiences there. It’s seven years since we left so I cannot claim to be in touch with the state of the country now, but unless the country has has a extremely radical change I’d suggest that visitors to Colombia should not be wet-behind-the-ears. Experienced travelers will hopefully find a fabulous and extraordinary country as yet unspoilt by mass tourism.

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