Selfcateringhols Spam

I’ve been averaging around 2,000 Spam messages a day, with a 0.01% false positive rate. Having been away for the last 6 days that gives me 12,000 Spam emails to go through (I’m estimating as my email client is still calculating exactly how many emails it’s planning on downloading).

Enough is enough – any emails sent to a non-existent selfcateringhols email address will now be auto-deleted. This will reduce my Spam by about 75%, but I know there will be genuine emails in there.

It’s been a constant frustration over the years when we send emails and the recipient does not check their Spam folder, but the level of Spam makes it simply unworkable to do this any more. If anyone wants to contact us at selfcateringhols I recommend sending a message via the site, it cuts through any possible issues with Spam filters and how the recipient choses to deal with their Spam.

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