auto-responder update

This is the first time I’ve had to set my auto-responder since last time, the biggest problem I see is how not to get stuck in the auto-responder loop.

I’ve been through the emails I get and have a more comprehensive list of generic emails not to reply to:

  • no-reply
  • noreply
  • do-not-reply
  • my own domain name
  • news
  • money
  • mailing
  • linkedin
  • amazon
  • notification
  • service
  • newsletter
  • auto
  • support
  • webmaster
  • publish
  • contact
  • customer
  • purchase
  • welcome
  • security
  • magazine

You may also need to add in specific companies – I’ve got amazon and linkedin in my list above – which are relevant to you.

The idea is that I have a message rule above my autoresponder which says ‘if I receive an email which includes any of the following in the Sender field, stop processing more rules’. Then if I get a newsletter from someone I don’t auto-respond to it, they don’t respond to my autoresponse, etc.

I’ll let you know if I have any more luck with my ammended rules!

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