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auto-responder – the saga continues!

Aggrr.. I set up my autoresponder as per previous posts, everything worked a charm until… my email client decided to start downloading all previously downloaded emails – it didn’t actually get that far as two days later it was still calculating the size of the download. Either way, I had two days worth of emails

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Groundwire softphone

We went to Marrakech in Morocco during half term – I was on call and had checked with 02 prior to leaving that my phone would work, which apparently it would albeit at a cost: 81p a minute to call the UK and 50 something pence a minute to receive calls. The plan however was

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new-look twitter

Is it me or is this not working? I tried it in both Firefox and IE but all I get is a header bar with a blank page. IE brings up page errors:

auto-responder update

This is the first time I’ve had to set my auto-responder since last time, the biggest problem I see is how not to get stuck in the auto-responder loop. I’ve been through the emails I get and have a more comprehensive list of generic emails not to reply to: no-reply noreply do-not-reply my own domain

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