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Companies House website problems

Companies House have a new* website – which unfortunately doesn’t work. I tried to access the WebCheck service which allows you to view basic information about a company, but the link returns you to the same page you were on before despite it having a different URL. The search box crashes to an unformatted

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Comment: yahoo spam warnings in search results

A report out last week showed that Yahoo was measuring the ‘spamyness’ of emails sent out by companies and printing ‘Warning: Unsolicited Emails against the search results for that company. This is an unwanted and unsafe intervention. There can be many, many reasons why a responsible company with a perfectly respectable privacy policy can be

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Google Knol

Google Knol was recently opened to the public as a rival service to the ubiquitous wikipedia – I had considered whether it would be worthwhile as a marketing and possibly SEO exercise to write something on there and so took a look to see what type of things had been put up. It didn’t take

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