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the new search engine cuil has launched the mixed reviews. It’s been ‘noticed’ because it has some high flyers from Google, Altavista and IBM involved but I’m not sure it deserves the attention. The search results are visually difficult to read, as they are spread over two to three columns. The pictures provided with the

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SEO forsaken

A couple of holiday property websites have come to my attention recently – one we were contacted by, the other I received a ‘newsletter’ (Spam?). In both cases the lack of attention to exactly where the paying visitors would come from was startling. They’re both advertising only websites pushing to expand their portfolio with free

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Xampp, hosts file and Norton 360 network address check

Ah, it all makes sense now – I set up Xampp a while ago on my machine as a local testbed and as part of that edited my hosts file so that I could simulate whatever domain I wanted locally – but every so often the hosts file would revert to the default, wiping my

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