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Google Benchmarking

I’ve enabled Google Benchmarking for, my personal blog as well as this more work orientated blog and to be honest I’m quite shocked at the results of the benchmarking. Google categorises your site as small medium or large but doesn’t tell you which category your site falls into. The beauty of having access to

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Warning: vacation rental scam, New York

We’ve had two new properties added to our site in the last couple of days : American Luxury and New York Away From Home. Demand was immediately strong, with multiple enquiries coming in within hours of the properties going live. Because we work closely with our owners we were already in contact with them regarding

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Diminishing returns of a Spam email

The above is a snapshot of the traffic to my site resulting from my post on a phishing email – the lows are the weekends, the highs Monday morning when they have obviously posted a fresh batch of their emails. It’s interesting to note the diminishing returns – presumably given that Spam emails by their

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Google emails

After getting a whole load of phishing emails posing as being from google adwords and being advised by google not to click on any links in emails sent by them I today received an email from google adsense inviting me to participate in a survey (click on the link). So that’s ‘don’t click on any

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Google analytics Benchmark reports

Google have a new report (still in Beta) which is quite interesting – it allows you to add your site data to the general community so that you can then compare your stats against those of the other contributing sites, all anonymously obviously. Within the general community you can narrow things down by selecting the

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Google Adwords phishing emails

In the last week I’ve started to get a number of emails from Google Adwords asking me to reactivate my account or variations on a theme. They’re phishing emails but very well done, it took a bit of investigation. Here’s the last one I got: This message was sent from a notification-only email address that

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