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impact of the Bear Stearns debacle

it’s obviously too early to say if the latest round of economic woes in the banking sector will hit sales directly, but the distraction appears to have had an immediate effect on visitor numbers. Visitors to are extremely cyclical: Monday is our busiest day of the week declining to a week low on Saturday.

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Monday morning Spam count

Inbox: 594 new messages, of which 498 were Spam Spam folder: first thing it was at 2579; by the time I worked through my Inbox it was at 2654; by the time I’d got to the bottom of the list it was at 2667. There were 2 false positives, about average. It used to send

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Spammy results in google

The search results in Google now are typically VERY good, which is why I was so surprised to see a bad Spammy site at number 1 in the search results. Going back a few years there was a period of time when the results were plagued with this kind of stuff but I haven’t seen

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I wish email would hurry up and die

Today I received an email from an owner, here’s an extract: “we have used several web holiday agency sites over the years and this year we have tried out some new ones, some with enormous success. of the new ones we tried to get going two have been marked by a complete failire. yours is

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