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Spam email follow up

my blog is pretty new and I have not really made any efforts to make it rank well, as a result traffic is not that great. This made the impact of my post on a domain name scam all the more pronounced, as my blog came up for all sorts of variations on the scammers’

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Spam count

This morning I had 2337 emails in my spam folder, this is after the bulk auto-deleting of any emails sent to all non-registered SCH addresses, and not one false positive amongst them. This also doesn’t count the Spam emails that get through the filter and which arrive in my inbox. What a waste of my

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Storing arrays in a database

This is a good resource on how to do it and also the pro’s and con’s of using serialize/unserialize versus implode/unimplode versus the use of separate tables – each has it’s own place it seems. Storing arrays in a database

Spam: Asia Domain Name Registration Limited

I received the following email: Dear CEO, We are Asia Domain Name Registration Limited, which is the Internet Registration Center (Asia DNR) in Asia. We have something important need to confirm with your company.On the Jan 15, 2008, we received an application formally. One company named “MieDac Holdings Limited” applied for the internet trademark keyword?Selfcateringhols

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Holiday Which? & RyanAir

Holiday Which? have today released a report saying that customers are paying more than the headline price for budget flights – no great surprise there, I think everyone pretty much knows or expects it, despite seemingly ineffective laws to stop the practice. RyanAir come out top of the list as worst offenders, again, no great

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Creating a dynamic, database driven form

Creating a dynamic, database driven form using mysql and php. In principal this doesn’t sound too difficult: call the database, check how many fields are required and loop through printing each required field. The complication comes when receiving the data, because you need to know what information to expect and the relevant field names. Printing

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