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business cards, who do you use?

If you look online there are loads of firms offering business cards very reasonably, but as I discovered some are better than others. I used logiprint very successfully – I uploaded my own design and they contacted me before printing to get some adjustments as they thought what I had uploaded might not be perfect.

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thawte revisited

ah! after my last frustrated attempt to renew our thawte security cert I was pleased to receive an email from Thawte saying that I have to update my site seal and that this will remove the need in future to update the seal when renewing the certificate – so that’s good news. Unfortunately we’re now

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it’s a trust thing

I’m really fuming. Every year or two it comes around that I need to renew the Thawte security certificate on Every time it comes round I have to refresh my mind as to what exactly needs doing. Every time it is the same, the documentation is unclear. There’s no one document that tells you

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We moved to a dedicated server with Rackspace in July 2007. The transfer was not without it’s hiccups: we’d been relatively sheltered from the technical aspects of managing a server with our previous host and had not bargained for the level of technical involvement required, from using IIS to set the site up to

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They promise to manage your Pay Per Click advertising for you – reduce the time involved in managing the campaigns, increase click through rates and reduce costs. Their service might* suit a company that is starting from scratch and which does not have anything set up but for us this was a disaster. * I’m

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