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How can I update a WordPress password directly in the database?

I have found it useful at times to be able to simply change a password directly in the database, here’s the MySQL query to do it: UPDATE wp_users SET user_pass = MD5(‘THE_PASSWORD’) WHERE wp_users.user_login =’THE_USERNAME’ LIMIT 1;  

WordPress: switch between subfolder and subdomain for blogs

I set up a new wordpress/buddypress site and managed to select the option which creates new blogs as subdomains rather than subdirectories, which was what I wanted. Having done this some time ago I knew there was a simple way to switch between the two but a thorough search of forums etc suggested that a

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Which WordPress e-commerce plugin?

I’ve had a few customers come to me looking for a website to display their products. Their budgets did not really warrant a custom built e-commerce site so I took a look at whether a customised WordPress site might be able to offer them what they wanted within their budget. My first attempt was with

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