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Half term

We’ve improved our search and have used the new functionality to create a list of properties available during October Half Term, based on a number of popular destinations both close to home and further afield. We’ll create a similar list soon for the popular Christmas and New Year ski destinations.

Warning: vacation rental scam, New York

We’ve had two new properties added to our site in the last couple of days : American Luxury and New York Away From Home. Demand was immediately strong, with multiple enquiries coming in within hours of the properties going live. Because we work closely with our owners we were already in contact with them regarding

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browser usage

I’m looking at my stats for February this year compared to February last year. It’s interesting to see that Firefox is slowly whittling away at the Microsoft Internet Explorer monopoly – Last year IE accounted for 81.81% of all browsers used by visitors to Selfcateringhols. This year that has fallen to 77.97%, with the primary

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Finding your ideal holiday got easier with Selfcateringhols

We’re always adding new properties to and now list over 1,000 properties in 43 countries. With so much choice it’s difficult to know where to start – that’s why we have improved our property search facility, where you can search on location, availability, price and a number of property facilities such as showing only

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Spam count

This morning I had 2337 emails in my spam folder, this is after the bulk auto-deleting of any emails sent to all non-registered SCH addresses, and not one false positive amongst them. This also doesn’t count the Spam emails that get through the filter and which arrive in my inbox. What a waste of my

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Customer concerns: security

Should you advertise your property with yourself as the direct contact, or should you use an agency such as This is a question that all owners should ask themselves. There are benefits to both ways of advertising but not in ways that are immediately obvious – our Frequently Asked Questions may help to shed

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