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new-look twitter

Is it me or is this not working? I tried it in both Firefox and IE but all I get is a header bar with a blank page. IE brings up page errors:

How do I restrict registration on WordPress MU / BBPress?

WordPress MU and BbPress combine to make a powerful social network, but this is prone to Spammers and Spam so controlling who can register and what they can do is important if you want to maintain any level of control over what content is displayed on your site. The site I have been developing, ScienceAfrica,

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Chris Cardell Snail Mail Spam

I received an interesting envelope in the mail yesterday, with a newspaper cutting and a handwritten post it note headed ‘Douglas’ and signed curiously ‘J’. Reading the cutting I very quickly became suspicious – it is written in the ‘advertorial’ style, i.e. blatently advertising a particular product but written in a sycophantic editorial fashion. The

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Using BuddyPress groups with bbPress

See my installation notes on setting the whole WordPress/BuddyPress/bbPress installation up. 1. install wordpress MU, BuddyPress and bbPress Although that gets the basic setup going if you want to use display the forums as part of a Group you still need to do one or two other things to integrate these two together: 2. go

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Google Wave

I’ve been granted access to Google Wave for use on an international collaboration web-project between Canterbury University and several African Universities. I haven’t yet had opportunity to test it out but will be interested to see how it performs and will post feedback here.

impact of the Bear Stearns debacle

it’s obviously too early to say if the latest round of economic woes in the banking sector will hit sales directly, but the distraction appears to have had an immediate effect on visitor numbers. Visitors to are extremely cyclical: Monday is our busiest day of the week declining to a week low on Saturday.

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Because I’ve been meaning to set up a blog for such a long time I’ve had the domain registered for some time – it was only when I came to actually set it up that I realised that I’d also registered As I’ve both names I’ve decided that I’ll use the address

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At last

I’ve been meaning to set up a blog for a very long time – having finally got around to it you can expect a flurry of activity as I backlog all the things I’ve been meaning to post for a very long time.