Call to a member function … on a non-object

This error usually means that either your code is expecting a variable that isn’t there (so for instance your database needs populating) or your code has assigned the variable in such a way that it can’t be picked up correctly. You can’t simply ‘echo’ the object variable to see what has been assigned however by

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How do I import a large mysql databse file?

If you are importing a file over a few MB more often than not the phpadmin interface will crash. Depending on the size of the file it is possible to simply break it into chunks and paste each section into the sql window but this very quickly becomes tiresome and also could lead to missing

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How can I update a WordPress password directly in the database?

I have found it useful at times to be able to simply change a password directly in the database, here’s the MySQL query to do it: UPDATE wp_users SET user_pass = MD5(‘THE_PASSWORD’) WHERE wp_users.user_login =’THE_USERNAME’ LIMIT 1;  

Local Business Accelerator – HSBA

We (the Homeworking & Small Business Alliance) recently entered the Local Business Accelerator competition – and were really pleased to be nominated as one of three local winners in the Market Harborough area. The award means that the HSBA will receive three months worth of free advertising in the local newspaper, the Harborough & Lutterworth

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How to stop SQL injection attacks

If you have a website which is powered by a database it is potentially vulnerable to SQL injection attacks – this is relatively simple to protect against and the risks of not doing so are to compromise the integrity of the data stored on your server and possibly the website itself. What is an SQL

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Networking groups

Last year I became involved with the Homeworking Alliance, a networking group for homeworkers. At the time it had only recently been founded and was being run on a voluntary basis by Jane Giffard-Tiney. It’s now¬† been put on a more professional footing and is expanding, with groups in Lutterworth, Kettering and I think Leicester

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auto-responder – the saga continues!

Aggrr.. I set up my autoresponder as per previous posts, everything worked a charm until… my email client decided to start downloading all previously downloaded emails – it didn’t actually get that far as two days later it was still calculating the size of the download. Either way, I had two days worth of emails

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Groundwire softphone

We went to Marrakech in Morocco during half term – I was on call and had checked with 02 prior to leaving that my phone would work, which apparently it would albeit at a cost: 81p a minute to call the UK and 50 something pence a minute to receive calls. The plan however was

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new-look twitter

Is it me or is this not working? I tried it in both Firefox and IE but all I get is a header bar with a blank page. IE brings up page errors:

auto-responder update

This is the first time I’ve had to set my auto-responder since last time, the biggest problem I see is how not to get stuck in the auto-responder loop. I’ve been through the emails I get and have a more comprehensive list of generic emails not to reply to: no-reply noreply do-not-reply my own domain

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